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Abbot, G.C. Air Gunner RAF
Alexander, A.J. Air Gunner RAF
Allchurch, T.R. Wireless Operator RAF
Alves, W. Bomb Aimer RAF
Anderson, E. Bomb Aimer RAF
Archer, E.L. Pilot RAF
Archibald, W.W. Pilot RAF
Arthey, D.A. Navigator RAF
Artingstall, G.A. Navigator RAF
Ashworth, A.S. Pilot RAF
Attewell, L.W. Bomb Aimer RAF


Bailey, J.G. Pilot RAF
Bainbridge, W. Air Gunner RAF
Baird, R.B. Pilot RAF
Baker, V.L. Air Gunner RAF
Banks, J.R. Air Gunner RAF
Barber, A.J. Navigator RAF
Barr, H.W. Pilot RCAF
Barratt, W. Navigator RAF
Barrett, D.G. Bomb Aimer RAF
Barron, S.C. Flight Engineer RAF
Basnett, A. Flight Engineer RAF
Bassett, G.A. Flight Engineer RAF
Bateman, N.J. Air Gunner RAF
Beckley, R.B. Wireless Operator RAF
Bellis, C.J. Navigator RAF
Bentley, B. Pilot RNZAF
Bilson, R.H. Flight Engineer RAF
Bish, C.G. Flight Engineer RAF
Black, J.R. Pilot RAF
Blake, V.J. Pilot RCAF
Blann, W.T. Bomb Aimer RAF
Boreham, J.R. Air Gunner RAF
Borthwick, F.W. Navigator RNZAF
Bretherton, B.J.F. Pilot RNZAF
Brooks, W. Navigator RAF
Brotherhood, F. Navigator RAF
Brown, R.S. Air Gunner RCAF
Brown, R.H. Wireless Operator RAF
Bruce, K.R. Wireless Operator RAF
Bull, H. Pilot RAF
Bullock, R.W. Flight Engineer RAF
Burbridge, F.B. Flight Engineer RAF
Burgess, H.G. Air Gunner RAF
Burness, R.W.E. Wireless Operator RAF
Butcher, W.J. Wireless Operator RAF
Butterill, G.C. Navigator RCAF
Callan, C.M. Navigator RAF
Calverley, W.J. Pilot RCAF
Campbell, M.R. Air Gunner RNZAF
Cardall, C. Flight Engineer RAF
Carter, N.C. Bomb Aimer RAF
Cass, E.E. Air Gunner RAF
Cattermole, C.C. Wireless Operator RAF
Chamberlain, B.E. Bomb Aimer RAF
Chidley, F.W. Wireless Operator RAF
Christian, H.J. Pilot RNZAF
Clapperton, G. Pilot RAF
Clark, A. Flight Engineer RAF
Clark, J.T. Air Gunner RAF
Clasper, J.P. Bomb Aimer RAF
Cleaver, K. Navigator RAF
Cleaver, R.F.W. Pilot RAF
Cole, J.H. Bomb Aimer RAF
Collard, C.N. Navigator RAF
Cooper, G.N. Bomb Aimer RAF
Cooper, J.P. Air Gunner RAF
Corman, J. Air Gunner RCAF
Cox, R.M. Air Gunner RAF
Cran, W.J. Wireless Operator RAF
Crane, H.H. Flight Engineer RAF
Crawford, D.C. Pilot RAF
Crawley, H.G. Wireless Operator RAF
Crump, J.A.S. Flight Engineer RAF
Cumberworth, L. Pilot RAF


Daffin, R.J. Flight Engineer RAF
Darling, F.R. Navigator RCAF
Davis, F.A. Pilot RAF
Davies, J.C.W. Navigator RAF
Dawkins, C. Air Gunner RAF
Deacon, W.S. Wireless Operator RCAF
Denton, A.H. Wireless Operator RAF
Derbyshire, R. Air Gunner RAF
Dexter, A. Bomb Aimer RAF
Donaldson, J.N. Flight Engineer RAF
Dowdswell, A.E. Air Gunner RAF
Duncan, R.L. Bomb Aimer RAF
Dunn, N.H. Wireless Operator RAF
Dutton, L.A. Air Gunner RAF
Dyson, F.S. Flight Engineer RAF
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