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On September 25, 2015, Sandy Barr passed away peacefully, with his family at his side. His own memories had long since faded, but they live on in his book, and with us.


Added a profile photo for HG Crawley. Also posted a photo of Gerry Norman and Crew. Thanks to Christina Bawden of Australia for sending along these photos.

I also took some time to remove dead links on this page. It's unfortunate to see that there are fewer and fewer squadron home pages from this period out there.


Thanks for visiting! Please visit the Halifax Restoration Project photo gallery.


Thanks for visiting! We are in the midst of preparing a new revised edition of the book which should be available sometime in the coming months.

Over the past 6 years (6 years! I can't believe it) we've heard from people all over the world, including many who had relatives in 644 Squadron, and even from many former squadron members themselves. 

Without the Internet, these connections would never have been possible.  Myself and Mr. Barr always enjoy hearing from people who have visited the site and found it informative or useful.


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Since the official unveiling of this project, the web page has been retired. Instead, we've linked to the photo gallery.

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