WW II - 644 Squadron
Through the Eyes of a Canadian
Second Edition Now Available!

A completely revised, updated and edited version of the first book, now in a beautiful blue hardcover format.

The Second Edition also contains:

* Looking Back - Modern personal accounts and recollections from surviving squadron members, resistance movement personnel and many others.

* Comments and stories from squadron family and friends, as well as other readers of the first editon.

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WW II - 644 Squadron
Through the Eyes of a Canadian
First Edition

(Out of Print)

Written throughout 1997 and 1998, "WW II - 644 Squadron - Through the Eyes of a Canadian" chronicles the wartime experiences of a Canadian pilot in the RAF.

It contains extensive historical information, as well as personal accounts of day to day life on the station and in the air.

The Allied Air Forces of WWII took part in many flying operations. Bomber Command is well known for its many missions against the German’s strategic war facilities, that helped to bring the enemy’s nation to its knees.

38 Group was a clandestine kind of war carried out by British and Colonial Air Forces, whose main purpose was to infiltrate men and war materials to keep the enemy off guard.

These operations: S.O.E. S.A.S., Medium & Heavy Glider Tows, Dropping secret male and female agents to set up communication with England and sabotage the infrastructure and economy of the Third Reich.

Participating in the secretive war effort was 644 Squadron stationed at Tarrant Rushton in Dorset with another secret Squadron 298.

The author has taken the task of compiling the History of 644 and injecting throughout the book some personal stories and comments of the year and a half he spent as a pilot of a Halifax bomber on 644. Tthe author has, as a Canadian, looked at the many facets of squadron life “through his own eyes” and hopes not to offend any of his flying friends.