Notes on Operations Records

This is a list of air crew who took part in 644 Squadron from its inception in March, 1944 to the end of the war in May 1945.

It does not contain non-operational flights, but does contain Special Operations Executive (SOE), Special Air Services (SAS), glider operations and bombing missions.

It also does not cover operations accomplished by some crews on previous squadrons.  For example, E.L. Archer had completed many operations on Albemarle aircraft prior to taking over 644 as commanding officer.




The clandestine supply missions into enemy-held territory, for the purpose of helping Resistance groups build up pockets of patriotic countrymen into effective sabotage and fighting units.  The supplies delivered by 38 Group consisted of arms and munitions, radio transmitters, sabotage material, agents, etc.


Similar materials as SOE operations, but additional larger items such as Jeeps, field artillery pieces and occasionally paratroopers.  These missions would supply larger, more advanced groups of resistance cells, or army units in the field.


Main glider drops were made:

06.05.1944 - Coup-de-Main
(prelude to D-Day)

06.06.1944 - Tonga
(early morning D-Day)

06.06.1944  - Mallard
(main force D-Day)

09.17.1944 - Market I
(Arnhem, Holland)

09.18.1944 - Market II
(Nijmegen, Holland)

09.19.1944 Market III
(resupply Market I and II)

03.24.1945 Varsity
(Rhine crossing into Germany)