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Eagle, B.C. Navigator RAF
Eaton, J.H. Navigator RAF
Ebbels, D. Air Gunner RAF
Egerton, A.G. Pilot RAF
Elsee, P.H.J. Bomb Aimer RAF
Ensor, A.S. Pilot RAF
Excell, A.N. Navigator RAF


Fearn, G.H. Wireless Operator RNZAF
Fennell, D. Bomb Aimer RAF
Fidler, H.J. Bomb Aimer RAF
Fisher, J.R. Pilot RAF
Fitzgerald, G.B. Flight Engineer RAF
Fitzgerald, P.T. Navigator RAF
Flack, I.C. Pilot RAF
Folbigg, E.J. Wireless Operator RAAF
Fone, R. Flight Engineer RAF
Frank, I.T. Wireless Operator RAF
Franklin, J.F. Wireless Operator RAF
Freeman, B.D. Bomb Aimer RAF
Fryer, N. Air Gunner RAF
Garrity, P.H. Navigator RAF
Gawne, W.J. Wireless Operator RAF
Gent, R. Air Gunner RAF
Giblin, A.G. Navigator RAAF
Gillies, E.A. Bomb Aimer RCAF
Goggin, J.A.M. Wireless Operator RAF
Good, M.J.F. Navigator RAF
Goodman, C.E. Wireless Operator RAF
Gordon, G.A. Bomb Aimer RAF
Goss, A.H. Pilot RAF
Gough, R. Bomb Aimer RAF
Gover, G. Wireless Operator RAF
Graham, F.J. Wireless Operator RAF
Grant, J.P. Air Gunner RAF
Gray, J. Flight Engineer RAF
Gray, P.M. Pilot RAF
Gregory, W.R. Bomb Aimer RAF
Greenstock, J.B. Wireless Operator RAF
Grey, F.G. Bomb Aimer RAFF
Hall, R. Flight Engineer RAF
Hall, W. Wireless Operator RAF
Hardcastle, T.I. Bomb Aimer RAF
Hardwick, C.T. Navigator RAF
Harris, A.H. Air Gunner RAF
Harris, A.W. Bomb Aimer RAF
Harris, H.J. Flight Engineer RAF
Harrison, W.F. Bomb Aimer RAF
Harvey, D.G. Bomb Aimer RAF
Hathaway, R.O. Bomb Aimber RAF
Hawkins, J.S. Air Gunner RAF
Hay, R.E. Bomb Aimer RNZAF
Hays, L. Flight Engineer RAF
Hayward, D.A. Navigator RCAF
Healey, T.C. Bomb Aimer RCAF
Henry, J.M. Air Gunner RAF
Hensby, D.J. Bomb Aimer RAF
Herman, J.A. Pilot RAF
Hewitt, D.C. Bomb Aimer RAF
Hibbert, J.J. Bomb Aimer RAF
Higgitt, W.E. Navigator RAF
Hindle, R.P. Flight Engineer RAF
Hobbs, R.A. Pilot RAF
Holmes, R.E. Navigator RAF
Hoddinott, D.J. Air Gunner RAF
Hood, R.M. Bomb Aimer RAF
Hougham, K.T.R. Bomb Aimer RAF
Howard, F.J. Wireless Operator RAF
Howden, A. Flight Engineer RAF
Howell, R.D. Air Gunner RAF
Howes, C.O. Bomb Aimer RAF
Howlett, W.D. Navigator RCAF
Hoyle, A. Air Gunner RAF
Hughes, D.K. Bomb Aimer RAF
Hughes, J.P. Pilot RAF
Hulme, J.A. Bomb Aimer RAF
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